Monday, January 22, 2018


Sometime after Christmas 2017, but before New Year, when everyone was in a holiday mood, even on a weekday, dear friend Anand suggested we meet up, on a Friday afternoon, for lunch.  Since Mrs Sapna Anand is herself a celebrity chef with her own program on AFC, called Fast Indian Cooking With Sapna Anand, I naturally assumed that lunch was going to be a meal by her.  But a cryptic text from Anand really intrigued me, when he said, meet at the Hong Leong opposite Nusentral and we'll go from there.  My first assumption, knowing that that he is vegetarian, was that we were going to one of the nearby temples in Brickfields, so I asked if we had to wear temple appropriate garb... He said we can wear anything at all.

By the time we actually got to that rendezvous corner, I was bursting with curiosity.....  and with almost a childlike glee, Anand started telling us about this mystery place, originated in Bangalore, in 1924, used to serve Maharajahs and Viceroys on Gold and Silver plates, and I was thinking to myself, HOW is it I never have heard of such a place in KL?

Well, it turns out this Jewel of The Town (in Brickfields)  is new, and it is called MTR 1924, which stands for Mavalli Tiffin Room, hailing as I said earlier from Bangalore, which is also where Anand hails from.  So well, if a Bangalore native raves about a Bangalore restaurant here in KL, I had little doubt that we were in for something special.

AND BOY, I have hardly been to any restaurant 3 times within a span of 2 weeks.

So what took me so long to write about this?  Well, to be honest, I have a backlog of "invited reviews" and feel somewhat obligated to write those first, but I can bear it no more, and feel compelled to share the good news.

For some reason, we began with this Curd Vada, which is a yoghurty "soup" with a vada (I guess the local equivalent of Vade)....

Rava Idli.... I shan't bother with descriptions, because everything was superlative, and my vocabulary just fails me at this point.

The Thali sets come with a choice of rotis, and I chose the puri, because I lurve puri, and it was a great choice...but of course, this pales in comparison to the Dosa that was about to come.

I also won't bother describing each little bowl in the Thali, because everything is designed to complement each other, so the sum of the parts is greater than the whole kinda thing.  What we didn't realise is that it also came with rice, so for the average Malaysian eater, I think one Thali is really too much....sharing is recommended....

This was the Masala Akki Roti (a rice based roti)...

That famous food writer Lyrical Lemongrass was intruding on our table, but we allowed her ...

Vada...... You might never eat our local vada again after this....

The best Dosa this side of India I bet.... The Masala Dosa with Potato filling...with a little cup of ghee to make it even MORE decadent, and below the Plain Dosa ...

A break from the food coma for abit...

Holige, a sweet dish buttery, with coconut and gula melaka ... SOOOOOOOO GOOOOD.  No wonder not all vegetarians are skinny.

Gulab Jamun, which is no stranger to us, but not all gulabs are made the same of course..Well, having said that, although the GJ was a lot more fine, it is still a bit too sweet for me.

And their filter coffee is pretty darn good too.  I was hesitant at first, because they all come with milk, and I'm more a black coffee no sugar person. But it was the perfect ending....

The coffee ended our first visit, and this is our second visit, whereby due to her incredible fame and popularity wherever she goes, Lyrical Lemongrass was given this complimentary Podi/Pudi.  It pays to eat with that woman.

We were also given this lovely sweet to sample, and I just discovered that this dish, called the Moon Garland, or Chandrahara, made from Maida flour, deep fried to perfection and topped with a thick sweet liquid made from KHOA, a dairy product widely used in the subcontinent, (I just love that word, it's so exotic, like the Far Pavilions), and served only on Sundays.  We were lucky to have sampled it.

Some carrot halwa... ah, surprisingly I didnt find THIS one too sweet. In fact, I loved it.

Joined by old friend, Hairy Berry...

...... And moving on to visit number 3.... when one of the owners of MTR with Bollywood star looks, Adarsh, happened to be there, family together with the Anands had dinner there enroute to watching the Greatest Showman in Nusentral.

Here my dosa education continues, from top Benne, Millet, Buri and Set Dosa... The Millet Dosa is worthy of special mention, because it just tastes soooo healthy.  The texture is of course grainier than the usual flour one.  My favourite here is the Set Dosa...

And you know everyone is enjoying themselves when they're using their hands with gay abandon.....

Address: 69, Jalan Thambipillay, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Hours: 8AM-10PM
Phone: 03-2276 4924

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Chef Lee Noodle House, OUG...You Can Take a Chef Out the Restaurant, But You Can't Take the Restaurant out of the Chef.

When Formosa closed down in SS2, after being there for almost an eternity, the loyal food community were moaning and groaning that we won't get to the imitable Mrs Jeannie Lee in action anymore... And eat their lovely Taiwanese fare.

But I think retirement just doesn't suit the Lees, because lo and behold, they're running a noodle shop in OUG now.  Well, it's called a noodle house but there's plenty of non noodle dishes, like this delicious pork rice

Lu Rou Fan, only RM5.50 for small and RM8 for large.  Where to find such amazing value for money?

The pumpkin yam rice, a dream for carb lovers, is also RM5.50 for the small portion and RM8 for the large.  It reeks of homemade-ness, and is so hearty.

The Sour Plum Ayu and Ayu Roselle drinks are refreshing thirst quenchers.  Slightly on the sweet side for me.

The ginger tea goes well with the food, because it helps expel wind and bloatiness... which after our meal certainly needed every last inch of stomach space, so any wind expulsion was welcome.

Spicy Black and White Fungus, ...I wonder who was the first person brave enough to forage for fungus and see if it was edible.  There's something very cleansing about fungus dishes, so it's a great complement to the other more decadent dishes. RM4.00 (yes, I can't believe it myself)

Signature Pork Noodles, (chee yoke fun), at RM6.80, is cheaper than a lot of kopitiam places.  Whilst the soup was adequate, I won't really consider this as my favourite in the pork noodles ranking.  I did enjoy the spare parts galore though.

Delicious Roast Pork Noodles, so simple but so good.  With a drizzle of some special sauce, this is definitely a dish I'd order again.

Nan Ru Pork Slices, RM7, screaming out for a beer actually.  What's not to like about crispy pork slices,

Beef noodle
Their spicy beef noodles, which at RM10.80 is probably one of the most expensive dishes there, but so much beef and brisket.  Most delicious indeed, if not a bit scary because of the layer of oil at the surface... presumably chilli oil.

Dessert selection, mango pudding, guilin gou, creme caramel, and matcha pudding with azuki.  All averaging around RM3.50.

Whilst I liked the flavour of the matcha and red beans, I didn't really like the texture which I found too light.

Creme Caramel, I believe it takes great skill to produce a silky smooth creme caramel, and this was perfect.

Herbal Jelly, actually my favourite Chinese dessert because the bitterness seems to erase a whole host of sins.

The lovely variety of tong shuis are also all good.  That bubur chacha is calling out to me again.

Thanks to Makan Fairy Godmother I was invited to once again enjoy the lovely company of Mrs Lee, and some extra mochi thrown in for good measure.

Chef Lee Noodle House is at 97 Jalan Mega Mendung, Taman United 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Tel: 03 7496 5394. It opens daily from 7.30am to 9.30pm.

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Mosto Wine Bar & Restaurant, One KL

Happy New Year!!!  I thought I'd start with this post, because this porky platter is just soooo worthy of first blog pic of the year.  I'm shallow that way. 

So where did I go to feast on such a platter of porcine paradise?  Well, Mosto Wine Bar, and the next question would be, where is it, followed by the answer, ONE KL.  I am pretty certain 90% of people won't know where it is. 

Anyway, ONE KL was one of the most expensive condos in its day, with private pool in each unit, etc etc, facing the MO, KLCC and Ascot, so it's basically off Jln Pinang, as you turn into the MO. And Mosto is there, in that building, next to Marini Grande.  (Not to be confused with the one in another location on the 57th floor)

This Gran Tagliere (2 pax) at RM99, has a wonderful variety of cold cuts, some of which I've never had before, such as the Lardo, (the white lardy stuff behind the salami), and the more common mortadella, parma, iberico pelota and three types of cheeses.  That blueberry conserve is absolutely yum, and complements the saltiness of the cured stuff.

The Lardo is pure fat, and is sublime, but you really can't eat too much of it without feeling it's going straight to your waist.

Note the ala minute guillotining of the cold cuts....

A wonderful selection of breads to choose from, which I wisely abstained from or I would not have been able to tuck in any of the other goodies.  But the crispy bread I loved, and had a ton of it nonetheless.

Apart from food and wine, they also whip up some fine cocktails, from Amaro Tonic, Negroni (pic), Mosto Highball,..priced at an average of RM38

Jungle Bird.... actually it does look rather flamingo like....

I can't honestly say I enjoyed this soup, because I am not a fan of thick bean soup..which is what this dish  it seemed like.

PASTA E FAGIOLI RM28, Tagliatelle pasta with cannelini beans, kidney beans, pork belly &
sliced pork

RISOTTO CON SALSICCIA E VINO ROSSO RM48, Carnaroli risotto with salsiccia & red wine reduction was what you'd hope for in a risotto, rice nicely done, not too soggy, full of flavours, but exceedingly rich and filling.

SPAGHETTI AGLIO OLIO RM38, Spaghetti aglio olio style with house-made roasted pork belly, a classier way of saying SIU YOKE PASTA.... but oh sooooo gooood, a combination forged in the heavens, and probably what Marco Polo ate when he was in Orient lands.  It's such an obvious combination that would work.  Looking at this and writing this makes me crave for a plate NOW.

You wonder how we can eat so much at one sitting...yes, well, it required tenacity, and you really gotta have the stomach for it, literally.
COSTOLETTE DI MAIALE RM78, Grilled pork ribs with barbeque sauce, served with roasted potatoes & sweet corn... at least that's what they said in the menu, because this was served with chips and a salad.  Which was welcomed, because of the meat overload.  The token leafy greens were much needed.

The ribs were good, but not as good as compared to the next dish....which was even "gooder"....

Italian style spit roasted pork ribs with butter & sage, just the right fat to meat ratio, and a subtle seasoning so as not to overpower the meat itself.  This would be my choice of mains.

Mosto burger with house-made 180gm juicy pork patty, crispy pork bacon, grilled
pineapple, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese & caramelized onions & fries on the side... Charcoal buns seem to be all the rage...Jog my memory please, why is this?  Are they healthier?  Anyway, with all that bread around, in the previous courses, and a bread basket over and above, the poor bun was about as neglected as a skinny guy at a weight loss centre.

The porky patty is what defines a HAMburger...  a word that I am sure is quite outlawed in this country.

I'm not sure I remember there being any bacon in the menagerie piled on the bun....

The tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme dessert, the molten chocolate cake (RM25)...

And the quintessential tiramisu with sponge fingers (RM20).

The ambience of the place is very elegant, with wood tones juxtaposed against dark marble flooring, matching the marble bar counter.  Dining tables made of rare Chengal wood complementing the comfortable high back chairs.  An alfresco terrace is also well furnished, and can seat up to 40, whilst the interior can seat 50. 

And there are a lot more items on the menu that look rather interesting, that we have not sampled.

wine bar & restaurant
Ground Floor, ONE KL,
50450 Jalan Pinang
+603 2386 6029